Chicken People defeathered

A short video presentation about Venky’s Chicken

V H Group – growing chickens since 1971

It’s amazing how much knowledge people take for granted. Those Blackburn bosses, they’re the chicken people! You know – the chicken people. The Spoiler has dined out on this paltry scrap of knowledge ever since they turned up with a fistful of millions in November.

But what kind of chicken people are they? What does “chicken people” even mean? We decided to find out…

… and then we found a corporate video on Youtube, and decided that we could either clumsily explain who they are and what they do, or let them do it themselves. Above is a taster set to a thrilling soundtrack. After the jump you’ll find something rather more indepth… 

Venky’s Corporate Video (Part One)

Part Two

That’s cleared that up, then.

Right, who’s this Mike Ashley guy?

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