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Wayne Bridge forced to resume football classes, and more…

Rihanna – inappropriate


Clearly still reeling from being totally out-slutted by Aguilera on the X Factor, beautiful pop thing Rihanna upped the raunch stakes – according to today’s Sun newspaper – by teasing a street photographer to a presumed semi-erection by revealing her New Year’s Resolution: “sex”.

In less sweaty news, here’s what we know about football transfers, thanks to all of your favourite newspapers…

Liverpool target, Eljero Elia, took some words right out of Roy Hodgson’s mouth when he said this:

“Clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United really are something special.”

Football’s greatest living cuckold-turned-charmer-of-women, Wayne Bridge, will have to resume football classes, with news going around that he’s off to join the potent Houllier revolution at Aston Villa.

Up the road, and past a long stretch or swampland that serves as a makeshift roof to Gary Neville’s underground Narnia, the word from Manchester is that Sir Alex Ferguson is still on the hunt from United’s Next Top Goallie, and has been particularly impressed by Julio Cesar from Inter’s body positioning. His head’s a bit big though.

And Arsene Wenger has been linked with a 19-year-old winger called Eden Hazard. Here’s a video of the boy…

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