Pot. Kettle. Black

K. Brady 1 Self-awareness 0

Karren Brady (far right)


You know when a friend talks non-stop for 20 minutes about how horrible it is that your other friend monopolises the conversation and talks non-stop for 20 minutes?

You want to scream at them – “DON’T YOU SEE?! CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING?!”

One can only assume that’s exactly what the poor person from The Sun felt like when they had to type out these words from West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady. She said:

“It’s obvious Blackburn Rovers’ new owners Venkatesh and Balaji Rao want to make a splash by linking their name with big stars such as Ronaldinho and Beckham.

“Such publicity comes cheap but can turn out to be expensive in terms of future credibility.”

When she’s not following potential employees of Amstrad’s laundry division around for Lord Sugar, Brady spends quite a lot of time with her West Ham United co-chairman David Gold who – in the past – has said this about David Beckham:

“He’s still a great player and it would be a fantastic statement if he came to West Ham.”

And this about Joe Cole:

“When it comes to big transfers we don’t like to leave any stone unturned. The chance of getting Cole is 10-1. We probably won’t get him but the offer is still there.”

While ANOTHER co-chairman, David Sullivan said this about Thierry Henry:

“Henry is still up there with the best. I’ve made an offer which would make him the highest-paid player in the club’s history. And it’s a serious offer because Henry could walk into almost any Premier League side.”

Oh, and this about Ruud van Nistelrooy:

“We’ve offered £100,000 a week to a player today and we are still not sure we are going to get him.”

Are you going to tell her or should we?

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