Woman Scorned

Elen Rives sheds some light on the mysterious Frank Lampard

Rives – fashion risk taker

Elen Rives

Close you eyes and imagine Frankie Lamps away from the football pitch, just getting on with his normal everyday life. What do you see? The Spoiler sees a man hoovering the house, folding napkins for a dinner party, pressing flowers into a book, and weeping at the end of Dirty Dancing – his favourite film.

No one puts Baby in a corner.

But how wrong we all are. In a warts-an-all interview with a hard hitting Sun newspaper journalist, his ex-lover, Elen Rives, has untangled all of the scattered facts and borrowed knowledge we’d gathered about Princess Frank, and it paints an altogether different picture. Not since biographer Diane Dimond revealed that Michael Jackson actually spoke like Barry White has one illusion been so thoroughly shattered…

“Frank put me in a bubble. I used to decorate our homes, look after the children, cook the dinner, sort out the clothes – but I couldn’t do many other things.”

“When a man puts you in a bubble like that, what happens? He comes home and he’s got a hundred things in his head and you’ve got nothing to speak about but the children and the house. A woman needs other interests.”

She went on to explain that if Christine Bleakley – Frank’s latest port in a storm – ever bitches about her kids, she will END her.

“I don’t really know her but if she was ever unkind to the girls I’d knock her down.”

Mmm, catfight.

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