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An important football update about Frankie Sandford

Frankie sneaking into Bridge’s delux cottage:


For those of you far too macho to enjoy the showbusiness pages, you are totally missing out. Today’s highlights include: the transvestite Alex Reid begging his beautiful wife Jordan not to put an end to their wild ride. He’s even still wearing the massive golden finger bracelet that represents their love, insisting: “maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but there you go…”


And in the other story that’s rocking everyone’s world to the very core, Frankie Sandford (the hot singing secretary from The Saturdays) took football’s Wayne Bridge for a posh Chinese WITH HER PARENTS.

According to The Daily Mail, Wayne wore a pair of SCRUFFY JEANS – presumably as a rebellious show of contempt for old people when meeting Frankie’s dad, Mr Sandford – whilst Frankie wore something rather more slinky, silken, and just the right side of whorish.

They seemingly then spent most of dinner squeezing crotches and occasionally feeding one another sweet and sour pork balls as Mr and Mrs Sandford awkwardly looked on, with one “onlooker” describing them thusly:

“Very touchy-feely”

Ahh, young love.

Here’s Frankie and her band proving that they take music very seriously by inviting a guy with an acoustic guitar to join them on stage…

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