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Jose Mourinho’s bromance with Leonardo in quotes

“I love you man”

Top Gun

Ode to mile high love between two men (Top Gun) aside, the idea that guys can care deeply for one another without having to be physically gay about it is a relatively new phenomenon in Hollywood.

But now thanks to revolutionary movies like I Love You Man and Dude Where’s My Car?, tough guys all over the world can finally hug one another without getting on the wrong end of a skinhead’s brick.

Great times, very much encapsulated by Jose Mourinho’s extemely open admiration for Inter boss Leonardo. Enjoy a selection of quotes after the jump… 

December 27th

“Leonardo is great. I ask the Inter fans to welcome and support him the way you did me! Last season Leo proved he is a coach of real potential. He is a great professional and not to be tagged as a Milanista. He dedicated many years to Milan and will now do the same for Inter with the same passion. I really do wish him every success. Please support him.”

January 9th

“I just want Inter to win, for the players, my president Massimo Moratti and the fans to win and be happy. I am out of the club now and can no longer contribute. I am just one more supporter following their progress and hoping all goes well. I already had a good rapport with Leonardo when he was in charge of Milan and we were adversaries, so imagine how we get along now that he is in charge of one of my favourite clubs. I talk to Leonardo often and he knows I am in the back seat, sending positive thoughts. He is there, with the capacity and experience necessary to do well. I am calm and hope he and Inter can have another positive season like the one I had last term.”

January 16th

“Above all, Leonardo is the manager of a club that holds a space in my heart. My heart has a little space for Chelsea, a lot for Vitoria Setubal and all of it for Inter. Whether their coach is Leonardo, Benitez or anyone else, it’s the same for me. I always cheer on Inter, suffer when they suffer and want the Inter fans to be happy. I am very pleased for Leonardo and the lads, as it looks like the story will have the usual ending: the Scudetto. Leonardo is not a Milanista. He is a fantastic lad and I have had a very positive rapport with him for many years. I immediately realised that with him, the players are happy. When they are happy, you’re halfway there already. Leonardo is intelligent and understood what the team needs right now. They are happy, have self-belief and empathy again.”

Oh, just KISS already!

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  • Didier Drogba // January 18, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Boss come back to me!!! Please.. we need you here… Ancelotti is a f***ing disgrace.

  • Don Cherry // January 19, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Thrown in Matarazzi and you got one hell of a threesome action going on there.

    Mou is the meat of that sandwich for sure…. but I would so bend over for them as well.

  • Rui Saurau // May 4, 2011 at 9:10 am

    “guys can care deeply for one another without having to be physically gay.”
    Can’t agree more with this sentence!Maybe the Plato bromance really exists between Leo and Mou.XD

  • Rafa Caravane // May 4, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Mou has soft and modest inside rather than his tough appearance. His enthusiasm and devotion is just for one he loves while his opponents only get jeer and defeat for him. Our nice manager Leo understand Mou and trust this wise guy. I love them all and In Mou We Trust!

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