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Man United Barcelona switcheroo, and other transfers

Lisa Snowdon and some colleagues

Lisa Snowdon

It’s a grim truth that for a relationship to survive, you need to overcome a series of obstacles and tests cynically thrown in your way by cruel life. One of which is no doubt occupying the mind of Cardiff City man Jay Bothroyd – currently rumoured to be scattering a trail of rose petals through the house and into Lisa Snowdon’s bed.

At last count, he was linked with a move to Newcastle (miles away from Snowdon), Birmingham (miles away from Snowdon), or Fulham (really near to Snowdon). A hunch suggests that the former model – now Wise to Johnny Vaughan’s Morecambe - will be seriously reading things into his final decision. It’s just what beautiful girls do.

In other life-changing football news, there could be some kind of player-plus-cash switcheroo in the offing between Man United and Barcelona, with Ferguson rumoured to be keen on snaffling Sergio Busquets to fill the ghostly hole in midfield which used to be plugged by Roy Keane. And Barcelona talking about separating Rafael from his twin brother, in the exact football equivalent of of holding a candle to Dani Alves’ toes to see how he reacts.

And Sunderland look set to continue their trend for taking strikers who were disappointing at Spurs by signing Pavlyuchenko.

That is all.  

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  • TimTim // January 18, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    How old is this pic of Ms Snowdon? She looks like she’s been having one bacon sarnie too many…. still really hot though… which goes on my next question… larger ladies… who would you do and why?

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