Some Skills

Hey Blackburn fans! Here’s a cool Riquelme video!

Some nice moves

Blackburn’s chicken people are still working their way through a list of players that could make for decent marquee signing – sadly the list appears to be from 2004. Ronaldinho has already said no, now they’re looking at the world’s second most famous Riquelme. If that fails, there’s always Marc Overmars or that teenager at Everton – Wayne something?

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  • noel // January 21, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Are we going to call West Ham owners ‘the dildo people’ if we go buy the owners fortune makers?

    As for Riquelme, the video is fools gold: the skills were always there but his reputation as a cancer has never gone away wherever he has gone.

    Whether the list if from 2004 or 2014, it doenst matter, the best way to get rid of malignant tumors is always the same.

    Although it would make for great tabloid to have both Riquelme and Diouf in the same locker one day..

    And Riquelme is delicate. Hed probably get hurt in practice.

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