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Is Fergie right? Is Holloway manager of the year?

A cheeky chappy


So, Sir Alex Ferguson has waded into a debate nobody was having by claiming Ian Holloway is this season’s top boss.

He said: “At this present moment in time, Blackpool would be my team of the year and Ian Holloway would be my manager of the year.”

Hollway probably said something like: “Blummin’ eck. It’s unbelievable that someone like him would say that about me – a modest, unassuming cheeky chappy. I’m happier than when my wife decided to cook beef for Sunday dinner. Lovely it was. Roast potatoes and everything… I’m well quirky, me. Get it? GET IT?!”

But what do you think? Is Sir Fergie right? Surely he must be in with a shout for getting an alright-ish Man Utd team to the top of the Premier League? What about Steve Bruce?

Here’s a poll. There are obviously other contenders from the Premier League and beyond, so let us know who you think it should be and why…

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  • Really? // January 25, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    wow, for once the old ferg is right

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