Lost in translation

Player makes comment. The Sun rips out context

Jenny Meadows – a woman from Wigan


It’s a dark and murky world ol’ journalism. If reporters aren’t scrambling through the bins of Lesley Joseph or ALLEGEDLY tapping phones before DEFINITELY getting a job as the Prime Minister’s media adviser, then they’re probably writing lies. Loads of them. Don’t believe a thing.

The Sun were in fine form this morning when they reproduced an interview with Wigan’s Mohamed Diame from a ‘French mag.’

In it, he tears Wigan women to shreds. Tiny, tiny shreds…

He BLASTED: “It’s rare to see truly beautiful girls when you go out during the day.”

Disgraceful, shameful, shocking, outrageous, scandalous, dishonourable, discreditable, reprehensible and appalling. The Spoiler literally had to use all the synonyms of ‘disgraceful’ that Word 2008 would give it to convey the anger.

He then added: “But it’s a different story when you go out in the evening. The girls seem to cover themselves up all day, only to be in good-looking mode at night.”

Oh. Not that bad is it? Really? Basically said the women wear hats and stuff during the day so you can’t fully appreciate their majestic beauty. Is it bad? Are we bigoted sexists?

However, he also said: “The truth about life in Wigan is there is nothing to do. It’s a crappy place. The town is tiny and there is no atmosphere. I go into training, I return home, and that is all I do.”


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  • elcynico // January 25, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    There are loads of places like Wigan up and down the country. That’s why loads of young people leave.

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