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Fergie backs Holloway, Evra might be off, and more…

Work that hair, girlfriend!


Abbey Clancy has been a bit quiet of late – but that’s because she’s pregnant, silly! With the spawn of Peter Crouch no less. The Daily Mail seem concerned for poor Abbey because she has just TWO MONTHS until she is due to pop and her bump is tiny – surely the fact she is due to give birth to the world’s slimmest baby may be a contributing factor?

Anyway, here’s what we know about less serious things like war and football transfers from those damn British tabloids…

NOT MUCH! What with all the fuss about Richard Keys and that other fella whose name we’ve already forgotten (if you’re not on telly, you don’t exist to The Spoiler), it seems the whole transfer window has been slammed shut as managers around Europe wait to see what’ll happen.

Either that or the papers are able to fill their columns with all this hoo-ha rather than concocting spurious transfer rumours? We don’t know. Could be anything.

HOWEVER, there are a couple of little snippets that have caught our eye. The on-going transfer of Charlie Adam to Liverpool or Aston Villa took a mischievous turn when Sir Alex Ferguson claimed the Blackpool midfielder’s corners were “worth £10 million alone.” He then went on to add:

“In the first half we were battered. We couldn’t handle Charlie Adam.”

It’s enough to make you think Sir Fergie would rather see Adam stay at the Seasiders rather than move to their bitter rivals. Weird that, innit?

In other Man Utd transfer news Real Madrid are apparently ready to bid for Patrice Evra.

That’s all we know about that though because The Times is behind a pay wall and the newsagent was sold out. For what it’s worth though, The Spoiler reckons Evra will GO TO REAL MADRID IN THE SUMMER!

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