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Amazingly enough, Holloway isn’t going to quit Blackpool

Ian Holloway – gutted


Remember when you’d threaten to run away if your mum made you eat broccoli, but then she’d make you eat it anyway and you’d decide, actually, I’ve got it pretty good here despite the broccoli eating. But then you’d pack your bag anyway just to make it look like you really are going to go?

Well that’s almost exactly what’s happened with Ian Holloway at Blackpool. Except the broccoli is a bloody stupid £25k fine.

The Premier League have decided to fine the Seasiders for fielding an ‘under-strength’ team against Aston Villa in November. Holloway’s men narrowly lost 3-2 to a last minute goal despite Holloway having the balls-out cheek to use his squad and make ten changes to the team that drew 2-2 with Everton a few days before.

Holloway threatened to resign if they were fined. Then he said, actually, he’d ask for the chairman’s never-to-be-given permission to resign. Now they have been fined and Holloway has given his half-arsed offer of resignation to chairman Karl Oyston. Rather maternally, the Blackpool big-wig said:

“I’ve spoken to Ian on the phone. He’s obviously disappointed but there’s absolutely no question I would accept his resignation.

“We spoke about it briefly but that was a private conversation. Ian has breathed life back into this club and I’ll cheer him up again.”

Awww… Anyway, it’s bloody nonsense, isn’t it? The Spoiler feels the Premier League have dug themselves a bit of a hole with all this malarkey. What if Man Utd win the league with a game to spare and field a team of youngsters? What if..? Just… What if? There are LITERALLY too many things to contemplate.

Let teams play who they want, Premier League – The Spoiler knows where you live…

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  • Calvin // January 28, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    It is bloody nonsense. They had to do is as they fined Wolves, which was also bloody nonsense.

    Wheres do they draw the line? 5 changes? 8 changes? 7 changes? 5 changes?

    He should play the same 2nd string line-up each week, thus making them their first team.

  • Jo Addis // January 28, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    I think this is a load of nonsense. They did have three games that week but everyone seems to have forgotten that. But what do I know I am only a lass.

  • 1974seasider // January 28, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    “What if Man Utd win the league with a game to spare and field a team of youngsters?”.

    Let’s hope so because we will be playing them in that game to spare.

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