Where's G.Nev when you need him?

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs show their stroppy side

Yea, laugh it up, boys…


Gary Neville has only been gone a few days and already his calming influence and legendary BANTER are being missed by Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The remaining members of the Class of ’92 showed how much they miss him by being all stroppy and cheaty in their 2-1 defeat to Wolves.

Giggs had a massive hack at Kevin Doyle about a minute after the whistle had gone to get the ball back and was given no more than a wry smile by referee Michael Oliver.

Another intriguing element to the saga is that there is no footage of it ANYWHERE. It wasn’t even shown on Match of the Day – it’s a conspiracy of Roswell proportions.

Meanwhile, Scholes was busy making a dastardly attempt to swindle a draw from the game with a flying handball. Oliver spotted this though and promptly booked the camera-hating, microphone-loathing tinker.

Much like Walkers crisp cover star, Stephen Fry, Giggs is a national treasure who rarely puts a finely-tuned foot wrong. However, Scholes has a bit of history in the handball stakes.

It’s good to see though, he’s showing the never-say-die attitude that made this country great, not like those cheating foreigners Diego Maradona or Luis Suarez – those handballs were well out of order…

PS. If anyone sees the Giggs ‘tackle’ on the internet anywhere, please share it below. Ta.

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