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Is this the worst Premier League season ever?

… Misty, watercoloured memories


The Spoiler
is a bit confused. Yes, there have been some brilliant games and some tip-top goals in the Premier League this season, but there seems to be something missing.

The fact that Nemanja Vidic looks set to win player of the year suggests that either his Premier League peers could be about to make their vote based on a carefully considered analysis of the league (don’t be silly), or that there aren’t too many players showing excellent skillz and plenty of flair…

There’s a distinct lack of a Thierry Henry or a Cristiano Ronaldo hitting top form and reminding you that football can be pretty bloody exciting. Didier Drogba has been rubbish. Wayne Rooney has been rubbish. Fernando Torres has been… Well, you get the idea.

The big names simply haven’t performed.

Samir Nasri, Dimitar Berbatov and Rafael van der Vaart have been good but they’re the type of player you admire and respect. They’re a trip to a lovely art gallery compared to the gaudy fairground sexiness of Henry or Ronaldo or Cantona or Ginola.

Then there’s the title race. The first half-a-dozen Premier League games were spent watching Chelsea destroy everything in their path, while the next bit was spent being told by everyone how it was the closest most exciting Premier League title race in the history of ever.

Chelsea are quite obviously not going to bulldozer their way to the league and Manchester United now look set to restore the natural order by comfortably winning their 19th league title. YAWN!

The relegation battle is rather entertaining, but it’s like watching a couple of tramps fight over a bottle of Special Brew rather than a Floyd Mayweather title fight (that’s the last simile/metaphor – promise).

So, dear readers, what do you make of it all? There’s a poll below so you can be reduced to a number, but also a comments section. The Spoiler gets the feeling it will be shouted down in the most brutal way imaginable, but after all the Valentine’s Day loveliness, it’s time to get nasty…

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  • gaptooth // February 15, 2011 at 11:16 am

    This has been the year where the headlines off the pitch have really outshone the actual games

    the transfer window was great
    the richard keys / gray thing was great
    the rooney contract saga was great
    the rooney marriage problems were great
    the liverpool courtroom drama was great
    the 2018/2022 bid drama was great

    the games were good but how can they compete with such huge stories off the field

  • mark // February 15, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    To judge the season at this point is unfair. The competitiveness of the league thus far has the potential of an exciting finish. We could have a last month where almost every game has meaning which would be unprecedented. I think overall play will improve as we near the end of the season. The best is yet to come in my opinion.

  • Chris7BA // February 15, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Nah, it’s all rubbish! We’re talking about a year when Andy Carroll was priced for 35 million!

  • R2Dad // February 15, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Agree with Mark. MU could walk away with the title, but Park just got injured and injuries have really been the story of the season. One or two more and MU could go on a bad streak. Chelsea were on fire, until Drogba’s malaria popped up and Terry tired out. More broken legs, worn out players, and just old players that can no longer manage the wear and tear of the EPL. I hope no one is surprised at that. Also agree w Gappy. Lots of off-the-field action to keep fans entertained. Thankfully the CL is heating up and the FA cup could become interesting. Only wish the Euros were this year instead of next.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna // February 16, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Another rubbish article about the ¨good old days¨ and all that! There are numerous reasons why this season is among the best since the Invincibles record-breaking and historic run:

    1)There are actually 6 teams within striking distance of a CL place this season and only 13 points (4 wins and 1 tie) seperate the 5th from the 1st place team.
    2) Less than 80 points could win the season, that is how close and tight it is so far.
    3) United have 9 draws, yet are top of the table, meaning that dropped points this season (9 draws = 18 points) are amazing for a first place team.
    4) Every top 4 team has lost to a relegation zone team at least once this season.
    5) Tottenham, City, and Sunderland could all nick a place in the top 4 for the first time in 8 years.
    6) Once again we have 4 British teams in the CL knockout rounds yet 1 is 5th in the table and another is a relative newcomer. this tells us that the EPL is a much tougher and far more competitive league than most others.
    7) Every game is a cracker, especially when a lower half of the table team plays one of the aspirants for a top 4 position.
    8) The EPL is full of surprises from the likes of Newcastle, Sunderland, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. It certainly hasn’t been boring!
    9) United came close to eclipsing the record set by Arsenal in the 2003-4 season but a bottom of the table team stopped them!

    I just saw Tottenham sink AC Milan at the San Siro and i realized just how combative and pacey EPL football is compared to the Seria A sleepfests!

  • James // February 16, 2011 at 5:52 am

    The top teams have slightly dropped in quality and the bottom teams have risen significantly, making for a more interesting league.

    The three promoted teams are doing amazingly well, surprisingly well for two of them at least.

    It seems that (almost) everyone has money now and there’s more spending all around. Poor Everton.

    The 4th or 5th team in England using a weakened squad to beat the top team in Italy shows how competitive the league is.

    Liverpool’s fall and the return of the king is a story that could make a movie. It’s liked the Damned United, except Clough never kissed the enemy like Hodgson.

    Wolves beating some top teams. Can this happen anywhere else?

    It has gotten so competitive that you can’t just assemble a good team and cruise to the top. Ancelotti is learning that the hard way.

    Of course, it’s not like the good old days of two teams competing or one team trying to break its own record of winning the league earlier every year. For that we still have La Liga and the SPL.

  • manutd fan // February 17, 2011 at 10:43 am

    its not the worst but i fairness i haven’t enjoyed it much.
    it would have been 1000 times more exciting if the top6 were separated by a 2-3 points.
    but it is not man utd ‘s fault.
    chelsea – god know what has happened to them since ray wilkins.
    arsenal – they stand a chance if they r knocked out of champs league otherwise they will fade away.
    CITY – well looked good but now they too r fading away but if mancini had been more positive it would city 1-3 points behind us or may be a couple of points above us.
    spurs – didn’t look like they can challenge for the title though they play simply superb superfast attacking football.
    liverpool – wish dalgish had taken charge from the start of the season.

    lets hope season will be how i said.
    n also i want the teams buying big star players.

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