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Riise makes heartbreaking apology after falling over


Above is a video of all the goals in Roma’s 3-2 defeat to Shakhtar Donetsk – it’s only a few minutes long and is well worth your time because each goal is either brilliant or bizarre.

But the moment that caught our attention was after about 3.20 when John Arne Riise forgets how to stand up. It’s quite funny until you read his apology…

He said:

“I know that the fans are against me now and I feel terrible about this. That is football, but this was truly a negative match for me.

“I was going to hit the ball long, but then I thought about it a moment more and lost my balance. I really don’t know how I did it.

“I’ve had a similar experience with an own goal in the semi-final for Liverpool.

“I feel just sick, even physically. I hope the supporters can understand that I always give my all. I apologise to them. I went off at half-time because I made a mistake.”

Bless him. Although in all fairness, if The Spoiler effed-up for Roma, we’d be pretty quick to grovel to their absolutely terrifying fans.

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