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Someone does a handball and everyone goes mental

That poor linesman…

The Spoiler hasn’t felt this sorry for a linesperson since Sian Massey’s career was stalled thanks to a couple of old sexists and those well-meaning tabloids with their lovely headlines and ability to get pictures off Facebook.

Anyway, It may have happened a few weeks ago now, but it’s just come to our attention that when Blyth Spartans played Droylsden, there was a MASSIVE handball on the line from Droylsden player Ciaran Kilheeney but the referee and his assistant somehow didn’t see it.

EVERYONE from Blyth then goes mental at the referee and his terrified linesman, before Kilheeney goes on to rub boiling acid into the gaping wound by scoring a late equaliser. Gutted.

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  • StevenL // February 18, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Atleast we beat them 4-0 in the replay, then drew Gateshead at home in the next round. :)

    Don’t agree with that guy with glasses shouting on at the linesman. The linesman looks about 14, he’s made a mistake forget about it and move on.

  • R2Dad // February 18, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    poor sods, those 3. the center referee will relive that for the next 6 months, though I hope that crew apologized to the coach.

  • AB // February 19, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Completely deserved – how does the linesman, at least, not see it?

    They must have known instantly from the strength of reaction that they had got it utterly wrong, but there is not a hint of contrition.

  • Nic da Dic // February 19, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    That first line doesnt do anything but make you nitwit..
    You felt sorry because she’s a female and therefore helpless (old damsel in distress syndrome.) you of course are a chivelrous gent who has only her well being at heart. The fact that she’s hot (for the english) and is an authority figure youd want to bang has noooothing to do with it.

    It also proves that like most internet twits, you’ve probably never even reffed U-8s. If a piece of tail is what is need to be able to feel compassion, then its probably not compassion.

    Try reffing or being linesmen even in the lower ranks and you will feel compassion for the people who put up with abuse so that games can be played for morons and mongoloids as well as a better understanding of what it entails to see the game from the middle of the field.

    Instead of being enlightened from that self serving first paragraph, you come out no better than most pundits..

    I just thought Id point that out.
    Because I really do like the site..

    The video above is a perfect indication of what it is to work in the lower leagues. It is not unusual in any way.
    There are ways to bring a bit of order as is shown in eastern europe recently where judges have ordered that hooligans who either attack or threathen referees not only serve a sentence but also be forced then TO REFEREE. Which I think is brilliant.
    Some small towns have also stationed police officers on sidelines to give tickets for those who utter threats from the stands. The cities all notice a dip in these events as well as a dip in the fines from people who learn.

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