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Cristiano Ronaldo’s a wanted man, while girlfriend Irina Shayk likes saying ‘like’



Walter Pandiani will not let sleeping dogs lie or – more specifically – he won’t let Portuguese footballers off the hook.

Basically, what The Spoiler is trying to say using that mishmash of metaphors is that the Osasuna striker still hasn’t forgiven Cristiano Ronaldo for their dosh-based argument earlier this month…

A few weeks ago, Pandiani was saying this after CR9 mocked the amount of money the veteran earned compared to his own Scrooge McDuck-esq fortune. Now he’s just waxing lyrical about the quality of Uruguayan dentistry.

Pandiani menaced:

“Perhaps in my country, he would have acted in another way, but in my country he would have perhaps needed to ask for an appointment with a dentist in a situation such as that.”

So while her boyfriend was playing in Real Madrid’s 1-1 draw with Lyon and checking under the bed for evil Uruguayans, Sports Illustrated cover star Irina Shayk was on Chelsea Lately (an totally edgy American chat show where they can almost say ‘sh*t’) explaining why she had to, like, put curtains up.

There’s a gold star in it for the first comment that doesn’t say the lovely Irina wouldn’t need curtains if she was your neighbour…

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  • Ross // February 23, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    I didn’t mention the above. Where’s my gold star?

  • Paris Lohan-Price // February 24, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Can’t we, er, like, shoot her. Like, If I was, like, her, like, neighbour I wouldn’t even, like, er, need to, like, leave the, thingy, er, ‘apartment’ as she, er, like, doesn’t even have any, like, curtains, just er what’s it, a, er bed sheet, so er, all I’d, just need, is, er, sniper sights on a rifle or whatever.

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