A very straightforward but exciting poll!

Who will enjoy their fun day out at Wembley more?

They’re very excited…


The coaches have been booked, the parents have all filled out their permission slips and the pick and mix bought from Woolworths WHSmith. Everyone’s completely excited.

However, while one of Birmingham or Arsenal will take nothing but lovely memories and a souvenir pencil from their day out at Wembley, the other mob will be crying salty tears of despair as their dreams are shattered.

So, who’s it gonna be?

Arsenal’s hopes of winning took a knock with Theo Walcott being ruled out, while whether Captain Cesc Fabregas will play is as mysterious as the Loch Ness monster being spotted in the Bermuda Triangle with Elvis. Or something.

Arsene Wenger reckons he’s got no chance, the Arsenal fitness coach thinks he has some chance, while The Sun report that Fabregas is preparing to go down on his brittle knees to beg his boss to let him play.

Arsenal may be travelling without their star player and occasional brilliant winger, but things are even worse for the Blues – they haven’t even got suits to wear!

According to the Daily Mail, posh shop Harvey Nicholls was meant to give them £9,000 worth of gear, but because the colour of the suits offered didn’t match their eyes, they took ages to make their minds up and left it too late.

So Alex McCleish’s men will suffer the horrible indignity of having to wear their normal club suits. NOOOOO! And just after London Fashion Week as well.

Anyway, the bookies seem to reckon it’s a done deal with Birmingham out at 6/1 to win at Ladbrokes, while the Gunners are odds-on at 1/2.

But what do you think? Do Birmingham have a chance? Here’s a poll. Give it a tick.

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