Liverpool’s Jonjo Shelvey closes Twitter account after willy-flashing post

Not-so private parts


Liverpool midfield starlet Jonjo Shelvey has been forced to deactivate his Twitter account after a stolen picture of his meat and two veg was posted for the viewing pleasure of his 55,000 followers.

According to the Daily Mail the picture was nicked from his mobile phone after being discovered by a mate.

19-year-old Shelvey quickly deleted the image (but not before it’d been reposted all over Liverpool fan forums), telling his followers:

Apologies for the picture one of my mates messing around with my phone! Sorry!

The Spoiler‘s thoughts are with those unfortunate 55,000 at this time. They’ll be having nightmares for WEEKS.

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  • baza // March 25, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    it was a dark weeping nob called nani i heard .

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