No, really!

Flippin’ hell! An England friendly that was actually good!

Homer Simpson with a flag 

There are some words that – when we see them in the Radio Times – are guaranteed to make The Spoiler turn the television off in anticipation of an evening of hellish boredom or teeth-grating tedium.

Some of those words include… ‘Vernon’, ‘Gear’, ‘Deal’ and ‘Geldof.’

The two words that will make us reach for our clicker faster than any other though are ‘England’ and ‘Friendly.’ However, after last night’s thoroughly enjoyable kick around, we may have to revise our opinion…

Spoiler HQ has been involved in a fierce debate for the past half-an-hour as we try to remember the last good England friendly. Some have said there’s never been one, some said something about Mexico being alright, while others have been prepared to strip to the waist and wield a bike chain to make everyone understand the France one was okay.

Last night’s friendly was genuinely enjoyable though. Andy Carroll scored despite looking far from fit, England captain Gareth Barry played well, Ghana were well up for it and their fans were absolutely mega.

Even Fabio Capello seemed thrilled to bits at the final whistle and looked to have had a great time.

Perhaps even more surprisingly is the fact that – despite conceding Asamoah Gyan’s excellent last minute equaliser – those bloody British tabloids seem pretty happy with the way things went. Considering they give Capello a kicking if the bananas at the team hotel are a little overripe, that’s something approaching progress, no?

Anyway, what did you make of it all? Promising signs? Are England DEFINITELY gonna win the European Championships?

Let us know with a little comment below…

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  • TO // March 30, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    England will DEFINITELY win the European Championships – but not in 2012 – too bad though none of the players on that winning team have been born yet

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