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DON’T PANIC! Rafael van der Vaart and Nani ARE up for some awards after all

Mrs Van der Vaart will be happy…


All those tears and tantrums were for nothing. It turns out that both Rafael van der Vaart and Nani have been nominated for player of the year awards this season.

Van der Vaart is up for the PFA Player of the Year gong, while Nani is up for PFA Young Player of the Year – despite being around for what seems like the past decade.

Neither of them will win though, will they?

The bottom of the photocopied sheet The Daily Mail saw must have been cut off because there are seven players up for the top award, with Spurs’ lovely Dutchman joining these reprobates.

This is the first we’ve seen of the young player list though, although it contains the names you’d expect it to. Here are the seven players nominated with their age beside in brackets…

Gareth Bale (21)
Seamus Coleman (22)
Joe Hart (23)
Javier Hernandez (22)
Nani (24)
Samir Nasri (23)
Jack Wilshere (19)

We’ve currently got a poll that WILL NEVER CLOSE running about who you think should win the player of the year award (minus Van der Vaart), although the bookies seem sure it’s going to be Bale.

But what about the young player award? Who do you think should be atop of the podium waving proudly to mummy and daddy? For what it’s worth The Spoiler reckons that Wilshere’s pretty much got it sewn up.

But we’re always wrong aren’t we? Shout us down below…

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  • Christina // April 8, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Nani should be up for the PFA POTY, the fact that he isn’t is a joke.

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