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Joey Barton’s rehabilitation takes a huge step backwards

Oh no…


Joey Barton has been talking again. Yesterday it was an amusing, straight talking bit of nonsense about how he’s brilliant and every other English midfielder was rubbish.

Today, things took a turn to the dark side when he was asked questions by French footy mag So Foot about the punch-up with fellow Manchester City player Ousmane Dabo – the 2007 incident for which he was given a four month suspended sentence and Dabo was left with pretty nasty facial injuries.

It’s not particularly nice reading and a bit of a kick in the balls for Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew who’s just named the 28-year-old as captain in the absence of the suspended Kevin Nolan…

As reported in The Guardian two days ago, Pardew said:

“There is a maturity and a calmness about Joey and, apart from one mishap against Blackburn, he has kept his control.

“He was excellent again against Wolves last weekend and we hope that he can play as well this weekend against Aston Villa and in the game after that, because we will need him to.”

Anyway, Barton had this to add to a debate that nobody was having:

“I have never given my side of the story, but the truth is that he started the fight and I finished it. Frankly, Ousmane is a little pussy. It’s him who hit me from behind with his hand.

“When he did that, I hit him back. It happened just like that, bang, bang bang and it was over. But I am no monster. I don’t like fighting, but it’s human to defend yourself.

“The problem was I hit him three times. Of course, it was not the best response, but I grew up in the street and when I am attacked, I defend myself and when you fight, there are no rules.

“I wanted to discuss it like men, but he never came to see me and that makes me angry because he told lies in the papers and I was not able to respond.

“There was a late tackle in training and we exchanged a few words. I have an aggressive style and he wasn’t happy.

“I told him, ‘You’re a piece of shit, don’t come looking for me’. He said, ‘You are arrogant, you think you’re something special’.

“We kept talking and I said, ‘Yeah, you’re great’, but it was sarcastic because he was not playing well, so he slapped me from behind. He tried to be the bad boy, but it was him who ended up on the floor.”

Barton then went on to add that he was not proud of the incident, that he’s seen loads of fights in training and that he feels City said he hit Dabo too many times…

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  • Chicha Rita // April 8, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Uh-oh. Joey swore in front of the media. Two-match ban.

  • Stevie the K // April 8, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    surprisingly enough, I have little to no problem with it.

    Yeah, he’s an adult and should know when to just shut up – but that aside, there’s nothing crazy or stupid there. He is who he is and pretty much everyone knows it.

  • R2Dad // April 8, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    “The problem was I hit him three times.” The problem was, and will continue to be, the late/reckless/excessive force tackles you so pride yourself on, which instigated the confrontation.

    “Of course, it was not the best response…” Correct, it was the response of a bully when no grownups are around.

    “but I grew up in the street….” And if you were still living there, your bad attitude would be understandable. But now you’re supposed to be a grownup–even a role model–a job at which you are failing miserably.

    “…and when I am attacked, I defend myself and when you fight, there are no rules.” Said the animal that doesn’t respect rules. Captain Clueless: there are rules on the pitch, and rules in society. You obey few of either. And have made your manager look like a numpty for supporting your supposed rehabilitation.

    Don’t sit by the phone waiting for that England call-up, either.

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