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Etherington scores a belter while Fuller and Corluka go MENTAL at fans

A pretty excellent game..

Well, everything went to plan this weekend, didn’t it? Man Utd won, Chelsea won, Arsenal won, while West Ham, Wigan and Wolves all lost.

At least Spurs’ game against Stoke had plenty going on (although there were also debatable decisions aplenty in the Blackpool and Arsenal game (but they all went against the Seasiders so no-one cares)).

Peter Crouch sort-of redeemed himself for being thick as &%^, by scoring some goals. Kenwyne Jones scored a very nice one and The Premier League’s Most Underrated Player, Matthew Etherington, scored a goal (2 mins 25 secs) that if scored by Gareth Bale would’ve had everybody fondling themselves in XXX-rated ways…

However, amongst the biggest news from a bloody good game is the fact that Ricardo Fuller TOUCHED a fan who was being a pr*ck. There’s a clip on YouTube (embedding disabled by request), but you’re barely able to see a thing. Which probably sums up the whole incident.

The Daily Mail reckons he could still face a punishment of some sort though. Nonsense, innit?

Meanwhile, Spurs’ Vedran Corluka also had a pop at one of his own fans after the supporter had a pop at him. Corluka was apparently ‘like a man possessed’ according to the slightly biased fan. The full-back had this to say:

“I told one supporter he was an idiot. He was moaning during the match when he should have been supporting the team. I told him to support instead of criticising.”

Whaddya make of it all? Have the FA set a rubbish precedent with their Rooney banning and moralising? Let us know with a comment below…

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