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Clarence to Man City, Cristiano to AC Milan, and more…



Scarlett Johanssen has been spotted out jogging with her boyfriend Sean Penn AND Owen Wilson. Cool.

Anyway, in other less attractive but actually relevant news, there’s plenty of interesting gossip doing the rounds about the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Clarence Seedorf and Nani…

According to The Sun, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi reckons he can get his grubby bunga-bungaing mitts on Cristiano Ronaldo this summer as long as AC Milan – the club he owns – wins the Serie A title.

Between slithering his way between beautiful young women like a lubed-up, creosoted Jabba the Hutt, he said:

“If we win the scudetto then the next transfer window will see us add one or two great players, and one of those could be Ronaldo.

“If we were able to add Ronaldo to our squad I think it would please everybody. Sometimes dreams come true.”

Now, Berlusconi is ALLEGEDLY no stranger to paying over the odds for nubile young flesh, but this just ain’t gonna happen.

Meanwhile, Manchester City fans who look at Patrick Vieira and long for another aging midfielder with no pace and his best days long behind him may be in luck.

According to the Daily Mail, Roberto Mancini has already had preliminary talks with Clarence Seedorf about taking him on a Bosman. This could actually happen although it hardly speaks of a team moving forward at any great speed, does it?

Finally, everyone’s favourite bit of commuter literature, The Metro, reckon that Inter Milan would be happy to swap Wesley Sneijder for Man Utd winger Nani.

The Spoiler reckons that will… NOT HAPPEN! Not least because the ‘source’ for the story is actually a load of unnamed ‘Italian sources’ – and that’s far too many inverted commas for anything to be true…

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  • greene // April 13, 2011 at 2:10 am

    ok so this article speculates on rumors that are not evef going to happen. thanks

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