It's a red card in the picture though, Mr Guardian

Rio Ferdinand, like, totally merks The Guardian over Piers Morgan ‘bullying’

Or have we fallen for the ol’ double merk?


Cyber bullying is not funny. And it’s certainly not funny when the former captain of England and the host of one of America’s most influential talk shows start having a go at each other on Twitter.

Now, you may be expecting some Wildean wit or some propa zings coming from big-brained Rio Ferdinand and the modest Piers Morgan. And you’d be right! Assuming they’re referencing Wilde’s lesser-known works, The Importance of Being Your Mum and A Picture of your #moobs.

Unfortunately, The Guardian has taken this bullying to its big, liberal heart and seems to believe that a Twitter rep got in touch with rioferdy5 to complain about his treatment of piersmorgan…

Basically, Piers said this:


Ferdinand said this:


And they continued to say exactly the same things over and over and over and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol for roughly forever. However, the BANTER was halted abruptly when Ferdinand posted this:


The Guardian got hold of it and wrote a brief story about the bullying incident. However, it looks as though it was in fact one of Rio’s classic merks and that The Guardian got its knickers in a twist about nothing.

Either that or they knew perfectly well and just used it as an exuse to take the p*ss out of the supposedly-liberal-but-writes-for-the-Mail-On-Sunday-Morgan.

Anyway, Piers had this to say about the media OUTCRY over nothing:


Now, a crueller blog than The Spoiler may note that while #itwouldnthavehappenedinhisday, there was at least one occasion when Piers printed something that may not have been entirely true #picturesofbritishsoldiersabusingiraqisthatwereactuallyfakedandgothimthesack.

Now, let’s put an end to it and call it a rather undignified draw, chaps…

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  • internet pundit // April 14, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    i’m not really sure what just happened?

  • Arse // April 15, 2011 at 8:42 am


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