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Who should be in charge of Chelsea at the start of next season?

He couldn’t, could he?


With Roman Abramovich starting to resemble a Gollum-esq character who will not rest until he has captured his precious Champions League title, it looks as though Carlo Ancelotti is out on his arse to reside with all the other ex-Chelsea bosses in Valinor.

But who should take over from the likeable Italian? There aren’t many managers Abramovich hasn’t tried out, but these are some of the names in the frame at this early stage…

Guus Hiddink

Had the job. Did well in the job. Left the job. He decided the slower pace of international management was best suited to his aging bones and left sharpish after his caretaker period in 2009. The players love him, the fans love him and Abramovich likes him as much as he seems to like anyone. However, can he be tempted back?

Rafa Benitez

The Telegraph throws this curve ball into the mix by suggesting Rafa Benitez for the role. He had an excellent Champions League record with Liverpool winning it once and reaching the final on another occasion. However, The Spoiler wouldn’t have thought he’d be a particularly popular choice and his booooring football might be too off-putting for the Russian.

David Moyes

He’s up there with the favourites according to our chums at Ladbrokes, but it’s hard to see him taking up the role. Abramovich has yet to go for a young(ish) up and coming manager and he doesn’t look like changing any time soon. Moyes has done well at Everton, but his one foray into Champions League football ended in the qualifying rounds. In summary – nah.

Jose Mourinho

Ahh… now we’re talking. Things haven’t quite gone to plan at Real Madrid, but having guided Real to the semi-finals and, in the process, becoming the first manager to take four teams to that stage, it’s hardly been a disaster. Had a massive falling out with Abramovich though.

André Villas Boas

The 33-year-old Porto boss has been at Chelsea before as a coach under Mourinho. He also worked under the Portuguese at Porto and Inter Milan before having a pop at this coaching malarkey himself – and it’s working out rather well. He’s already won the Portuguese title with Porto and even broke Mourinho’s record of 33 unbeaten games by going 36 matches in all competitions without tasting defeat. An outsider, but it’d be blummin’ interesting.

Carlo Ancelotti

Hasn’t done that much wrong, has he?

Anyway, there are plenty of other names being touted about so, what we want to know is – who would you LIKE to be in charge.

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  • Blake Hewitt // April 14, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    If Mourinho says no, Villas Boas should get the offer. And bring Hulk with him. He is a stud & will the the 2nd best in the world in 2 years if he gets to a big club.

  • helikopter // April 15, 2011 at 11:34 am

    according to some rumors (as read in the always trustworthy the sun) marcello lippi is also interested in the job. should be on your list, too.

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