Fo' shizzle?

Snoop Dogg’s responsible for Beckham’s new baby and stuff

The only photo we could find when we searched ‘Beckham Snoop’


Apologies for being tardy to the party with this one, but while perusing the always excellent Kickette and questioning our sexuality, we spotted this story about Snoop’s plans to expand his empire that already includes ‘rap’ music and dirty, filthy pornography.

According to the Daily Mirror, Snoop not only wants to start making baby clothes with his bestest friend, but it’s his advice that got Posh newly up the duff…

Snoop-to-the-dee-oh-double-gee  said:

“I’d love to do a Babygro range and baby house shoes with Beckham.

“It’s going to be fly. It’s great news they are having a baby.”

“Whenever I make a record I give him a copy before it’s done. He’s like a brother. I’m gonna show him to rap, for shizzle. He’s my boy. I love soccer just as he loves hip-hop. Beckham needs to keep doing what he’s doing, he’s a great father.

“I said that after their 11th anniversary they should have some more kids and romance to some Snoop tunes – and now he’s having a beautiful girl to play with my daughter, Chocolate.”

This was basically just an excuse to use that photo of Posh and Becks from 1997. God, they look totally 1996, don’t they? WHAT IS SHE THINKING?

The story also reminds us that Dave’s best mates are Snoop Dogg and Gary Neville. THAT is a dinner party we’d love to be at…

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