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Kerr – A mother and a woman


According to the world’s second most popular news website, The Daily Mail Dot Com, Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr have been to an AIRPORT! With their baby! And he is totally cute!

Anyway, that kind of news might be enough to get the Mail 39,635,000 hits a month, but we know that The Spoiler readers are far more discerning and want cold hard facts in their stories rather than frothy gossip and speculation.

Here’s some transfer ‘news’…

The Sun reckon that Chelsea are in prime position to sign Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero after the second Madrid side ruled out selling the 22-year-old to the other Madrid side.

Atletico CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin had this to say about the Argentinean’s future:

“I received offers for Forlan and Aguero from Real Madrid, but Aguero will not join Madrid.

“We agreed on a buy-out clause of £39.5million when he signed his contract extension.

“However, we also agreed that he couldn’t’ join Real Madrid – not even if they meet his minimum release clause.”

The Sun believes that has paved the way for Chelsea to get their man. The Blues could possibly do with a bit more youth in their attack, however, considering we don’t even know who’ll be their manager next term, it seems rather presumptuous to us.

Meanwhile, TalkSPORT have gone all out and reckon that Barcelona could be about to make a bid for Spurs midfielder, Sandro. That ain’t gonna happen.

Finally, the Daily Mirror have gone on a right maverick one and reckon that Dimitar Berbatov is out of favour at Old Trafford because he didn’t play too well against Man City at the weekend.

They think he’s debating his future and may eff off in the summer. Hmm…

Whaddya make of it all? Let us know with a comment below…

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  • Adroit tams good // April 20, 2011 at 12:39 am

    I am me and me is adroit

  • Fat Nakago // April 20, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Dimitar Berbatov has finally realized that he IS Dimitar Berbatov, after all….and so has everybody else.

    Frank Lampard and John Terry will co-player/managers for Chelsea next season. It will all go as expected until after match 3 when Terry says to Lamps, “YOU get to play Ray Wilkins tonight.” And Lamps mutters, “Oh p**s.”

    An in a desperate move to ensure that they don’t get relegated after just being promoted, QPR will sign BOTH Diego Forlan and Kaka.

  • Raymon Blue 1 // April 20, 2011 at 9:59 am

    please Roman Abramovich let Ray Wilkins is back is good assitant pls pls pls.

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