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Six great goals from games between Arsenal and Tottenham

Perryman and Hollins – pre-YouTube


Spurs’ game against Arsenal this evening should be very nice. The weather looks like it’ll be lovely in north London and people should have a delightful time. It isn’t quite catching The Spoiler’s attention as much as it has previously though, simply because the teams are chasing things they probably won’t get – Arsenal are after the title while Spurs lust after more sexy Champions League stuff.

So, to remind us how good this game can be, here are some brilliant goals from north London derbies past…

Danny Rose v Arsenal, 2010

The last proper cracker that was scored between these sides. Spurs hadn’t beaten Arsenal in yonks but this was a very nice way to get things going and gave sub-editors everywhere the chance to roll out headlines like ‘Rose is thorn in Arsenal’s side’. Or something.

Emmanuel Adebayor v Spurs, 2007

Neither set of supporters particularly like him, but when he can be arsed to play football (a maximum of five times a season) he’s bloody good. This strike in 2007 was completely excellent. The first touch was even better.

David Bentley v Arsenal, 2008

This is probably the only notable thing that David Bentley has done while at Spurs apart from kicking a ball in a skip. It’s a bloody good goal, but The Spoiler can’t help but think that Andy Gray and Martin Tyler get a bit carried away with talk of ‘genius’ and other nonsense.

Dennis Bergkamp v Spurs, 1996

If you were to do some sort of computer wizard stuff and come up with an average Dennis Bergkamp goal then it would probably look like this – a totally brilliant touch followed by a little side foot beyond the goalkeeper. Average is definitely the wrong word to describe it though.

Paul Gascoigne v Arsenal, 1991

Gazza goes and smashes it into the top corner in the semi-final of the 1991 FA Cup, Spurs get to the final, Gazza puts in a dreadful tackle on Gary Charles and comes off a lot worse. The rest is all downhill with a few moments of brilliance. In another version of this (embedding disabled by request) the commentator, Barry Davies, asks if there is anything left that Gazza can do to surprise us. Sadly, there was. A lot.

Thierry Henry v Spurs, 2002

Despite the finish being brilliant (and looking even better from behind) the best bit about this is how absolutely rapid he is. The Spoiler misses players in the Premier League who can do this.

So, what have we missed? Was Kanu’s little flick ‘n’ smash worth a shout? What about that other Spurs one, ay? Let us know where we’ve gone wrong below…

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  • andrew the gooner // April 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    wat about the 11 second derby

  • viko // April 21, 2011 at 3:36 am

    fabregas’s goal from the restart? i thought that deserved a shout

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