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Hey Kids! Come along to the Champions League final – it’s only £7,088!

Inclusive of £1,080 booking fee and P&P…


£7,088! That’s what some tickets for Manchester United’s Champions League final against Barcelona are going for on the delightful Global Ticket Market dot com. Okay, those are for Club Wembley tickets which we’re assuming means you get nice seats and some nibbles, but still.

The ‘cheapest’ ticket is going for around £1,500, with a £270 booking fee and £8 P&P. Unfortunately, with only 25,000 tickets being given to Man Utd and the same to Barca, this was probably always gonna happen.

At least UEFA executives and their posh kids ‘the European football family’ get 25,000 to divvy up between them.

Rubbish, innit?

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  • Josie // May 6, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Oh brother!

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