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Congratulations to QPR who are definitely Championship champions

Adel Taarabt – Premier League player

As The Spoiler said last week, the ins and outs of QPR’s problems with third person nonsense and points deductions and stuff flew over our head at a height of several thousand feet.

So it was with great relief that, while watching Football Focus with a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea, we heard that lovely Dan Walker tell us QPR weren’t going to have points taken off ‘em.

It’s saved a lot of problems and apparently – as QPR folk have constantly pointed out – there wasn’t much doing. It’s definitely a good thing, but on the other paw, it would have been brilliant to watch Neil Warnock spontaneously combust.

Not everyone’s thrilled though…

Swansea City – who finished in third place despite most people forgetting they actually existed – are now asking to see the documents for a clear explanation of how the FA arrived at their decision.

All this despite Swansea chairman, Huw Jenkins, saying this on Saturday:

“Whatever news came our way we would take and accept and move on. I suppose it’s good to get something finalised and we can all move on and get on with what we need to do over the next few games and concentrate and focus on the play-offs.”

However, since then Swansea have overtaken Cardiff and finished in third place. He’s now gone and said:

“It will be interesting if we can get a copy of the written evidence or documents and have a look to see what the panel’s thoughts were.

“Until we get some written confirmation of what has gone on, it would be wrong to rule anything out.

“If we can get an explanation of how they came to their decision and what was involved in that then it would be interesting to read. Then we can take it from there. If there is nothing in it and everything that has been looked at and considered is right, then fair enough and that’s it.

“But every club in our position would fight all the way. That’s obvious. We would only be doing our jobs properly by getting that information.”

Nowt is gonna happen though. The Swans now face Nottingham Forest In the Championship play-offs, while Cardiff play Reading, this means the two south Wales clubs could potentially meet in the play-off final.

That would be pretty nifty, no? The police and the good people of Wembley may disagree, but The Spoiler would love to see that.

Anyway, well done, Queens Park Rangers! Everyone pleased? Let us know what you make of things with a comment below…

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  • Luke1965 // May 9, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    The Spoiler did seem to be an almost lone voice of reason last week when “experts” such as ex FA bod Palios was talking about 15 pts for offences he readily admitted he had no information about. It is ironic that Swansea and Cardiff are looking at disputing this decision when a. The Third Party Rules do not apply to Welsh Clubs ( see Welsh FA Handbook), b. there is no precendent regarding penalties for 3rd Party Breeches. c. the Agent in question is FIFA, UAFA reg but did not have his FA paperwork fully up to date (precendent for this is a small fine). d. this is NOT the same as Luton Town who had dozens of breeches, used blokes down the pub as agents and were shopped by a Luton Town member of the board. Heres to the Premier League.

  • peter chadburn // May 9, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    amazingly bad journalism at times in recent weeks and whilst found guilty of one charge on a technicality (qpr knew that mistake anyway) why does it take 8 months to prove nothing. fa should be facing the disrepute charge and not qpr. that should be appealed. the league chairpersons should demand an inquiry into all of this. the stress caused to qpr and distraction to the welsh clubs is ridiculous. enjoyed being on Tube just before 12 as the news filtered through. qpr faded in the second half but if they had needed the points then the timing could have been worse. the fa knew there was no evidence so obviously waited in case something turned up!! up the r’s

  • SirStanleyBowles // May 9, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    I can taste those sour grapes from here!!! lololol COME ON YOU R’SSSSSSS

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