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Swansea’s Neil Taylor gets sent off after less than a minute against Forest


While The Spoiler is finding it a little bit hard to get excited about the FA Cup final this Saturday, we’ve had no such problems getting all giddy and butterflied-up for the Championship play-offs.

They always tend to throw up a couple of very nice games and with Premier League football within lunging distance for fans of these often glory-starved clubs, it makes for some proper HBO-trouncing drama.

The serious stuff started pretty quickly last night when Swansea left-back, Neil Taylor, got sent-off after 52 SECONDS for his studs-up challenge on Forest’s Lewis McGugan…

He did get sent-off – although this clip from someone’s streaming of the game doesn’t show it – and left the Swans to play the rest of the game with ten men.

In all fairness to the south Wales side, they were the better team for the remaining 44 minutes of the first half and on-loan Chelsea striker Fabio Borini could easily have done a goal for them.

The pocket-sized Nathan Dyer was bloody impressive for the Swans, while – for long periods – Forest had all the grace and guile of a porpoise trying to climb a flight of stairs.

However, as Spoiler reader Elvisio pointed out, Forest were certainly the better team in the second-half and had a very decent penalty shout waved away after Alan Tate did a cracking ‘John Terry’ and blocked a shot with his outstretched arm.

Bloody hell – this is almost a match report… Anyway, the Swans have the upper hand heading into the second-leg, while their neighbours Cardiff play Reading in their first-leg game tonight.

Anyway, as much as The Spoiler loves Nottingham Forest and Reading, we’re still hoping for an apocalyptic play-off final between Cardiff and Swansea…

Was it a sending-off? Do you care about the Championship play-offs? Who do you want in the Premier League? Let us know with a well thought out comment below…

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  • Elvisio // May 13, 2011 at 11:24 am

    If you’re going to do a quasi-report you might have mentioned that Forest were all over Swansea in the second half and had a decent penalty shout turned down by spot-pointing fan Mike Dean, although that might have spoiled your narrative somewhat

  • Jackanory // May 13, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Thought the red was an over the top reaction by Mike Dean, both players went for the ball and Tayor was fractionally late and caught Mc Gugan-think the non penalty in the 2nd half was pay back for that rash decision by Dean in the 1st minute!

  • Richard Anderson // May 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Elvisio – you are quite right.

    Got a bit scared when it started reading like something vaguely like a proper match report and aborted.

    It’s been sorted and apologies.

    Jackanory – I’d probably have given him a booking and a b*llocking too, although there don’t seem to be many complaints from people today.

  • Harry // May 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Re: sending off.

    If McGugan had been caught in the plums, he would not have laid prostrate like he was, he’d have curled up foetus-like, wrything in agony.

    In fact if you watch the highlights, he has a quick peep to see if he’s done enough to get the kid sent off.

    Harsh decision by Mike Dean so early in the game.

    Elvis, you need to learn the laws of the game. That was never a hand ball. There needs to be intent. The defender was turning his back as the ball was blasted at him to block with his back, arms were tucked in, and it ricocheted off his elbow. Deliberate? Never!

  • R2Dad // May 13, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    wrt handling, Harry, Intent is not required per se:
    1) Making yourself bigger
    Does the player use his hand/arm as a barrier?
    Does the player use his hand/arm to take away space/passing lane from the opponent?
    Does the player use his hand/arm to occupy more space by extending his reach or extending the ability of his body to play the ball thereby benefiting?
    2) Is the arm or hand in an “unnatural position?”
    3) Did the player “benefit?”
    4) Reaction Time – short or long?
    5) Hand / arm to ball, or ball to hand/arm?
    Intent was largely written out of the LOTG 15 years ago.

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