Plane crazy II

Millwall fans show off classy plane banner as West Ham get relegated



Remember when air travel was the hight of sophistication and glamour? The drinks! The women! The hot towels! Nah, The Spoiler doesn’t either – it’s been cattle class on EasyJet for as long as we’ve been about.

We do however, remember a time when planes weren’t a standard part of football’s BANTER arsenal. Following Blackpool’s aerial assault on Preston North End last week, some Millwall fans decided to fly a banner over the DW Stadium as West Ham United were in the process of getting relegated.

C’mon ladies and gents, grow up, is it?

In the spirit of maturity, here’s a picture of a streaker at Liverpool’s game against Tottenham yesterday…


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  • venga malaga // May 16, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    its sad really, the delusion.
    Like Dagenham thinking they are rivals with Real Madrid.
    Millwall – its embarrasing enough when you think you are rivals with a bigger club like Charlton, but West Ham? Come on boys, get real.
    Apparently all the Millwall season ticket holders were on that plane – oh well, its a day away from laying in their own urine on a street in Bermondsey I suppose.
    Roll on next season….

  • tombo // May 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    At least the Millwall banner showed correct use of English. Apart from venga misspelling ‘it’s’ he or she has also mistaken ‘laying’ for ‘lying’, but never mind . . And actually, this Millwall season ticket holder, for one, wasn’t on that plane, so not quite true!

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