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Well Done on being good at football, Manchester!



There has been so much YouTube-based nonsense doing the rounds today that The Spoiler hasn’t even had time to congratulate Manchester United and Manchester City on their success this past weekend…

Well done!

For some reason, there seems to be a distinct lack of excitement around their fantastic achievements this year. Maybe it’s because they have bigger fish to fry in the immediate future (United) and the not-too-distant future (City), or maybe it’s because of those b@stards at the FA who decided to play the FA Cup final and league games on the same day?

Anyway, because their game finished first, we’ll start with Manchester United. They’ve been bloody good this season – they were undefeated until February, have scored more goals than everyone else and have dropped only two points at home all term.

Despite what a lot of the media seem to think, they are an effing good team and – The Spoiler reckons – the only reason they picked up less points than normal is because of the overall improvement of a lot of teams in the league. They’ve also strolled to the final of the Champions League – that can’t be overlooked surely?

Here’s some interviews with the players (including Ryan Giggs giving his opinion on how ‘rubbish’ United are at around 1.20)

Meanwhile, City were completely in control of their final against Stoke from the get-go and were never troubled. The Spoiler’s pre-planned-end-of-season Mario Balotelli-based review is getting longer by the day after he swore on telly and tried to trip up Yaya Toure while celebrating the winning goal.He also played rather brilliantly. Great stuff.

City now have a shiny new pot for their trophy cabinet and – perhaps more importantly – Champions League football. Loadsa money and Champions League football? This should be an interesting summer.

This is just the start of things for City though and their FA Cup win could be – as Clive Tyldesley said roughly A MILLION TIMES after the final whistle – a ‘watershed win’.

Well done, City!

We’re already looking forward to the Community Shield…

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  • nar // May 17, 2011 at 2:22 am

    Im not sure whats more amazing:
    that United can bench the BEST goal scorer in the EPL for half the season or that you can WIN the EPL scoring title while only playing half a season.

    The latter says a lot about the scoring in the EPL and probably explains why Bale won POY (games against slow italians dont count.its only the domestic games)

    Look at the top 20 and you will see a lot of guys having bad seasons or spott ones at best.

  • No Hooligans // May 17, 2011 at 10:53 am

    You’ve got to feel for Manchester Hospital’s A+E department over the weekend. Must’ve been pushed to the limit.

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