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Arsenal use tracking devices to spy on their players… sort of

There is no escape…


The best thing about the launch of a new product that is being promoted by lovely footballers is that the lovely footballers actually speak to people for longer than two seconds – as long as you carry a little paragraph at the end saying something like:

Stewart Downing was speaking at the opening of Edgbaston’s new Costcutter store on St Anne’s Street.

Anyway, Robin van Persie was speaking to The Sun at the launch of something or other today and revealed this little story that we quite liked. Mainly because we like the thought of Arsene Wenger sat at a computer giggling like a school girl…

The Dutch goal-getter had this to say about the bloody CCTV surveillance society that so epitomises today’s Broken Britain:

“It’s really hard in English football nowadays because everyone knows everything about each other.

“Nearly all Premier League clubs now have a GPS system to track down the opposition and monitor how much players run in a game.

“They know absolutely everything – this one is a lazy player, this one defends well, this one covers a lot of the pitch – and now we’re wearing a GPS in training as well.

“We had a funny situation at Arsenal recently when one of the players said he had to go home to pick something up – but forgot he still had the GPS around him.

“So one of the physios said ‘Ok, you go home’ and these guys went straight on to the computer and tracked him down.

“They could actually see he really did go home and came straight back, so he wasn’t lying. And now we don’t have a private life!”

Maybe the Gunners could use it to find out where their season went?

Oh, snap!

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