Wolves chairman reckons Man Utd should be punished…

When if they field a weakened team against Blackpool


Something like this was always going to happen at some point once the FA decided to give Wolves a suspended £25,000 fine for fielding a weakened team against Man Utd last season.

Now with Man Utd set to field the second-string against Blackpool on the final day, there are plenty of people who reckon United should also be fined for having the audacity to use the 25-man squad that’s available to them…

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Wolverhampton Wanderers chairman, Steve Morgan – whose side are very much in danger of the drop – has this to say on the matter:

“It would be pretty hypocritical if they weren’t fined. [However], United put out a second string XI against Schalke and it didn’t do Schalke much good.

“United are a very professional club and they’re not going to want to lose on the last day of the season, the day they get presented with the Premier League trophy. They might put their full XI out. Chances are they probably won’t.”

We can definitely see his point. Because of the way the Premier League have gone about such matters so far, they should definitely fine Man Utd. However, here’s The Spoiler’s solution… We reckon the Premier League should just hold their hands up and go:

“Hey, we were wrong. Wolves, that suspended fine – forget about it. Blackpool, we’re sorry, we knew we were wrong but couldn’t admit it, have your money back. We were stupid and proud and we’re sorry. Let’s forget about it and move on, yea?”

UEFA sort-of admitted they were in the wrong when they tried to charge Eduardo with diving for Arsenal against Celtic a couple of years ago. they back-tracked well quickly when they realised they’d opened up a Pandora’s box of trouble.

C’mon, Premier League, we’ll respect you all the more if you admit to being wrong…

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  • HershamWolf // May 19, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    No wonder you’re called “The Spoiler”, you’re obviously spoiling for a fight with this sensationalist headline that misrepresents what Steve Morgan said.
    He was quite reasonably replying to a question about whether Man U should be fined by PL IF they fielded a weakened side. Someone setting up a bit of mischief?

  • Seth // May 20, 2011 at 6:39 am

    not really misrepresenting, as the subhead clarifies that Morgan wants them punished should they field a weakened side. Considering the fact that The Spoiler probably has a limit on the length of their main headlines, it was probably unavoidably moved to the subhead. jeez, talk about setting up mischief; everyone would have been fine indeed if you hadn’t messed yourself over some imagined yellow journalism.

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