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Mourinho or Ronaldo to Man City, Fabregas to Barcelona and other nonsense…

Silly season starts early…


Bar Rafaeli is showing her ex, Leonardo Di Caprio, that sisters can do it for themselves by slinking around Cannes in a bikini looking all sexy – you go, girl! It’s been a thrilling couple of days at Cannes, what with Brad Pitt’s new film getting a kicking and Kirsten Dunst looking on in horror as the director of her latest film bigged-up the Nazi’s.

Things in the world of transfers have also been pretty exciting. Actually, no, they haven’t. There’s loads of nonsense being spouted about massive players and huge amounts of money that will never come to fruition.

However, there are a few interesting little guppies in amongst the leviathans of crap…

Firstly, let’s throw back the rubbish…

The Sun are reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo could move to Manchester City for £150 million? NO. NO. NO. That is not going to happen. Never ever. It may be a ridiculous amount of money, but Real would never sell and would Ronnie really want to go somewhere where he won’t win the Champions League for at least a couple of years? No, is the answer.

Man City have also strenuously denied it.

The Mail reckons City are also about to go all out and bag Jose Mourinho. Slightly more likely, but still, that’s not going to happen either.

Arsene Wenger has painfully slapped a £60 million price tag on Cesc Fabregas, according to The Daily Staaaaaaah, f*ck it. Not going to happen – not at that price anyway.

Now, let us never mention this gibberish again. Here’s a line drawn under the whole sorry mess…


In more believable news, Tony Pulis is apparently after Carlton Cole for around £9 million (sounds a bit steep to us) as he looks to strengthen his squad with a European campaign to crack on with next term.

We quite like the idea of this one, simply because Cole will want Premier League football and it’s hard to see where else he’d fit in. The Spoiler says: ‘It’s going to happen!’

The Daily Mail reckons Man Utd have as good as signed Atletico Madrid goalkeeper David de Gea after he told the Spanish side he’s definitely buggering off. £16 million is the amount being talked about and we’re not going to question that.

And finally, in a bit of news that is actually ‘news’ rather than gossip, Paulo Di Canio is the new manager of Swindon Town. Absolutely mental and it will all end in tears, you mark our words.

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  • John // May 20, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    awesome…humor and rumors make my summer

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