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Maradona’s wasn’t the only doped up Argentinean footballer

This really is Maradona…


You remember that mad-eyed-bat-sh*t-mental celebration that Diego Maradona did after scoring at USA 1994? Well, it turns out that’s probably how most of the Argentinean players were feeling – if Maradona’s latest accusation is anything to go by.

Diego has had a long running feud with Julio Grondona – the man who’s been head of the Argentine FA for 32 years – and decided now was as good a time as any to reveal that Grondona had encouraged Maradona and his international teammates to get doped up to the eyeballs for their 1993 world cup qualifier against Australia…

Reacting to comments made by Grondona in which the he had a pop at Maradona for his ‘self-inflicted health problems’, the 1986 World Cup winner had this to say to El Show de Futbol:

“They put something in the coffee and it made us run more. Grondona was well aware of it, to play against Australia we were given speedy coffee.

“Grondona told us that there would not be anti-doping controls. They gave us something to make us run faster. You have got to be pretty dumb if you go through 10 controls, and then there is not one in the game which decides qualification. But Grondona knew all about it.”

Argentina scraped through their two-legged affair with Australia 2-1 on aggregate to make it to the 1994 World Cup.

While we’re slinging mud about, here’s something Grondona had to say about referees and the suchlike in 2003:

“I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at this level. It’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.”

Sounds like a nice chap, don’t he?

Anyway, who wants to hear a really unsurprising fact? Okay, here we go – Grondona is also a Senior Vice-President of FIFA! The bunch of…

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