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The best Champions League goals this season… so far

The Spoiler’s No.1

The Spoiler is already bloody excited about the Champions League final. We’ve hung up our dull grey Cynical Hat and have plonked the rather garish Hat of Hope on our head – Man Utd are going to attack, attack, attack and there are definitely going to be loads of goals.

So, to build up our excitement to a level we haven’t encountered since we went on a Lucozade and Smartie binge as a nine-year-old, here are our favourite goals from the Champions League so far this season…

Eran Zahavi v Lyon

Gareth Bale v Inter Milan (all of ‘em)

Thomas Muller v Roma (about 44 seconds in…)

Robin van Persie v Barcelona

Lionel Messi v Real Madrid

Karim Benzema v Auxerre

What have we missed? Let us know with a comment and a link below…

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