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Adriana Lima is not all that compared to football

Lima – pah!


Being a LAD these days is hard work, innit? What with eating loads of man crisps, drinking blue alcopops, having BANTER with our LAD mates and wishing we were Danny Dyer, it’s a wonder we have time for anything else.

Well we do have time for other things. Things like watching football and lusting after beautiful, unobtainable women. But which one of these lovely activities do men prefer?

According to a survey by Heineken, those of you who would rather have a date with Adriana Lima over watch your side in the Champions League final are in the minority – you complete squares.

Apparently, 52% of the men surveyed would consider passing on an evening with a fragrant supermodel in favour of watching the team they support play in the final. In fact, 37% would give it up without a moment of hesitation.

Now, The Spoiler loves football as much as the next person who loves football the appropriate amount, but bloody hell, really?

Perhaps more worrying is the fact the survey also found that 43% would be willing to miss an important hospital appointment. C’mon gents, Bill Shankly was clearly joshing when he said football was more important than life or death – let’s be sensible out there.

Anyway, according to our Dutch friends at Heineken, here are the top ten things that men would give up in order to see their team in a Champions League final…

1. A friend’s stag-party (62%)
2. A date with a girlfriend/wife (58%)
3. Meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time (55%)
4. An important meeting with the boss (48%)
5. A mother’s birthday (46%)
6. Best – Man’s duties (44%)
7. Wedding anniversary (44%)
8. Girlfriend’s birthday (44%)
9. University Graduation Ceremony (43%)
10. An important hospital appointment (43%)

The Spoiler would consider giving up two of the above…

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  • V // May 25, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    PICTURE. can’t. read. text.

  • troy // May 26, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Yes but homosexuals would never pick the sexiest model on earth. It has nothing to do with sport and everything with their love of cock.

    There will ALWAYS be another game but a chance to bang her is a one in a million deal, if there is a opening, you pounce.

    Id lick Amy Wino’s butt to get a chance to sniff Adriannas panties.

    And whoever chooses that manly Gisele with her Adam’s apple, masculine jawline and huge shnozz over Lima has some serious sexual identity problems as well.

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