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Neil Warnock is about to get sacked by QPR, apparently. Ancelotti on his way?

Warnock – out on his arse?


Imagine you are boss of a struggling bakery. You’ve got loads of money to pay a really good head baker to come in and make your yum-yums but there aren’t any big-name head bakers available because you’re only a small bakery just off the high street.

However, you’re able to get a pretty good head baker in. His yum-yums are good and the increased sales mean you can buy a shop right in the middle of the high street next to Starbucks and McDonalds.

Then a brilliant Italian baker becomes available. He’s shown in the past that he can make the best yum-yums in Europe and his star power will attract other good bakers, meaning you have a better chance of competing with Starbucks and McDonalds.

Should you stick with the baker who gave you initial success? Or go for sexy new Italian?

Anyway, that absolutely flawless metaphor leads us to the question of whether or not QPR should stick with Neil Warnock – the man who helped them to promotion to the Premier League -  or try and go for Champions League winning boss Carlo Ancelotti?

Warnock’s two biggest allies on the QPR board have both left in the past couple of days, with former CEO and chairman Ishan Saksena sacked and vice-chairman Amit Bhatia resigning yesterday. Saksena had this to say:

“The recent decisions to sack club CEO and chairman Ishan Saksena and significantly increase season ticket prices are just two of the decisions I disagree with. While it saddens me to leave QPR after such a successful season and at the beginning of an exciting new phase, I do not wish to be associated with or take responsibility for decisions made by the board and with which I disagree so strongly.”

Not sounding good for Warnock, is it? However, while a vast majority of the people involved behind the scenes at QPR appear to be the biggest bunch of %!$£s you are ever likely to meet, it’s hard to disagree with them if they are trying to get Ancelotti in.

The Italian is clearly an amazing manager while Warncock’s only Premier League foray so far resulted in – somewhat controversially – relegation for his Sheffield United side.

Now, The Spoiler is all for loyalty and all those old fashioned values but – BUT! – look at Newcastle United and, perhaps more pertinently, West Bromwich Albion.

West Brom were doing alright under Roberto Di Matteo but were slowly heading in the wrong direction. Roy Hodgson becomes available. Di Matteo gets sacked. Hodgson comes in. West Brom finish comfortably in mid-table.

Surely if Ancelotti does is available then QPR have to see if he’s interested and do everything they can to get him?

Or are we bring horrible, unromantic b@stards? The Spoiler is intrigued to know what people think about the issue. Let us know what you reckon with a comment below…

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  • Juninho // May 26, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    I think it would be shocking to drop a manager if he gets you promoted but if you can get a top draw manager like Ancelotti in then it has to be considered. Warnock has done a great job but Ancelotti would maybe take them onto the next level

  • Bolokchops // May 26, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    We don’t need any Chelsea cast offs, don’t care what he has done.

    Warnock is the best thing for this club since we were last in the prem. Get that fat italian blob out of our club and let the Mittals buy up.

  • Juninho // May 26, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Is that the same fat Italian who has bankrolled your promotion this season?

    Don’t get me wrong the heirachy at QPR sound like horrible people turning a football club from something that belongs to the local area into an elite club but the man has put good coin into the club. Thankfully I support a club with a decent chairman in Steve Gibson with Boro, he views his role as a custodian of the club that belongs to the local community.

    As for Warnock v Ancelotti, you can’t knock Warnocks record:

    1 x Conference champions
    2 x Division 3 playoff winners
    2 x Division 2 playoff winners
    1 x Championshp Runners up
    1 x Championship winners

    He has only really had one crack of the premiership and went down in dodgey circumstances (West Ham should have points deducted but it wasn’t fair on the fans… was that not the case with Boro fans FA?)

    Ancelottis record is different class though but he has had better opportunities. I think you’d be daft not to take a look at Ancelotti.

  • Luke // May 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    A two time Champions League coach wont become the manager of QPR. Not now! We have a tiny stadium and training facilities no where near as good as the likes of Chelsea’s or AC Milans (Two clubs Ancelotti has been in charge of recently). Top managers wont work with small transfer budgets and it will be very difficult for them to attract top players to a club with such poor facilities. This is coming from a QPR fan! Warnock is as good as it gets, and is the right man for QPR.

  • Stan // May 26, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Well its back to Flav in the dressing room,Bernie saying Craven Cottage is to far to travel for a away game,we are really are up shit street.
    Mr Mittal did not become the richest man in th UK from being stupid,please please please dont walk away and let these idiots ruin this club.I for one will not renew my season ticket if this is the case.
    I have the feeling Mr Mittal has not said the final word in this episode.QPR fans must demonstrate and if necessary boycott so that these idiots do not ruin our club.
    I have a feeling we have not heard the last from the Mittals lets hope for a Hot Indian Summer


  • Murphy // May 26, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Juninho – The reason we got promoted in spite of the fat Italian, was Amit Bhatia bringing a bit of rationality to the board. Now he’s gone, were likely to go back to the farce of Briatore courting Italians he fancies & interfering in the team.

    Interestingly, Gianni Paladini was the dodgeball agent who brought you to England.

  • ali // May 26, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Carlo won’t become manager of QPR as his contract with chelsea don’t allow it.he can not manage another club in PL if he gets te sack and he just did.

  • Juninho // May 26, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Luke – We brought Juninho, Emerson and Ravanelli to Middlesbrough despite not having a training ground and using a local school pitch to train because. We had Bryan Robson as manager, a big name with pulling power.

    Murphy – That’s the thing, if there isn’t stability on the board then I guess you are fooked regardless of the manager, look at Liverpool as an example. Oh and it turns out Paldini didn’t just bring Juninho to the riverside but Emerson, Rava and Beni Carbone too according to the trustworthy source of Wiki… I’m guessing Gibson had him on a retainer!

  • troy // May 26, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Warnock brought the team up, he deserves it.

    Besides, Ancelotti is still the coach of the biggest choke job on an international stage: Champions League 2005.
    That stink always stays.

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