Something to cheer us all up on a Wednesday afternoon

You know what’s coming…

Chances are you will have seen this before, but when else do you get the chance to laugh at a pensioner falling down and potentially suffering serious injury?

Just try and remember this for the next four years as President Sepp decides to award the 2026 World Cup to Antarctica and continues to be an unspeakable pr*ck.

Although, in all fairness, he’s not quite as bad as Colonel Gaddafi, The Sun

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  • maurizio // June 2, 2011 at 4:16 am

    Fuck the Sun and Fuck England.
    Iraq wasnt about Saddam being responsible for 911 (half the americans thuoght he was because state propaganda isnt just for the commies) or about bullshit WMD, it was about oil.
    Lybia is ALL about the oil. Period.
    Everythign else is the same propaganda bullshit the press helps the war machines achieve.

    Lets hope someone bombs England for 2-3 months straight one day soon. Well all have a nice laugh about it too.

    As for Blatter, who gives another fuck?
    Seriously, how does he affect anything in our footballing lives? No matter who is in power, your kids football, and you local pub team and even pro teams will not be affected by FIFA.
    If you cant watch the games at pubs anymore, thats NOT FIFA you should blame and THAT directly affects football fans.
    No matter is Sepp Douchebag is there or not, we will still have an Euro2012 and another Champions League ass wiping next year.
    Nothing changes because FIFA doesnt affect your day to day life.

    Theyre corrupt? No shit… so are politicians. And their fuckups end up costing us money and lives.

    Where does FIFA affect your playing or watching of football?

    And do you really give a fuck where the WC is played as long as its in a a decent time zone where you dont have to watch at 2am live games?
    99.9999999999% of the readers here will never go to a WC but watch it on the telly. The time zone question is the ONLY one that matters.

    As for Qaddafi, Lybia is by far one of the most progressive countries in the arab world and I can guarantee that it will never again have the standard of living that it has enjoyed this past few decades.
    While most of the towel wearing shittarrds in that region treat women like cattle, Lybia allowed women to discard their dumbass face gear and allowed them to be schooled.
    My uncle was operated by a female doctor when he worked in Lybia in the late 70;s when female doctors were rare in the western world and unheard of in muslim countries.
    Reading the ‘free press’ is really no different than reading the old Pravda bullshit but at least most russkies knew to read between the lines.
    The bullshit thats being fed into the soft brains is the one that allows Saddam/911 to happen or how right smack in the middle of the Downing st Memo scandal, pop whores like Bono and Geldof can fellate war criminals Bush and Blair by calling them saints and everyone just nods their heads and agrees.

  • Bob Geldof // June 2, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Fuck maurizio

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