Have a delightful international weekend, Spoiler readers

Near, far, wherever you are…

Ask anyone handed the privilege of writing on The Spoiler what the toughest task is and they’ll tell you that it isn’t receiving abusive comments or being accused of bias against the club that you actually support, it’s choosing the song to sign off with on a Friday.

Josh set a high standard that Richard maintains admirably, so if you know that your pick is going to bomb in comparison, what’s the best thing to do? Pick a dud intentionally of course, justifying it by making it a topical dud.

That’s why anyone brave enough to click the play button above will be treated to Ne partez pas sans moi by Celine Dion, the last Eurovision Song Contest winner provided by England’s latest opponents Switzerland, way back in 1988.

Have fun, check out some excellent lists if for whatever reason you aren’t having fun at any stage and Richard will be back next week with the last few Spoiler Awards and so much more besides.


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