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Do you care about Twitter-suing Ryan Giggs’ affair with Imogen and his brother’s wife?

“The ultimate…”


The Spoiler is always at the bleeding-edge of current affairs and the latest news-like developments are up on the site so quickly it will only have been trending on Twitter for a couple of hours.

However, despite the search engine optimization potential of the story (see the above ‘cake and eat it’ headline), we’ve so far largely chosen to ignore the whole ‘Ryan Giggs is a dirty, dirty man’ thing because, y’know, we’re just not that arsed about it.

However, the front pages of several newspapers today suggest that a lot of people are interested. We don’t think Spoiler readers worry about it – but are we right?

Don’t get us wrong, like everybody else, when we first heard The Giggs Thing about… ooh… six months ago, we had a few water cooler moments on the 52nd floor as we tried to align the image of Giggs in our head with the apparent reality of the dog.

However, that initial rush of excitement and disappointment soon gave way to an emotion that’s altogether harder to describe. An emotion we like to call ‘meh’.

Basically, as long as he isn’t sh*gging one of The Spoiler’s bevy of beauties, we couldn’t care less. If it started affecting his footballing form then we’d be a bit miffed though.

The Spoiler wants to give our delightful readers what they want though, so – what do you think about the whole thing? Do you want to hear about the dubious mertis of rutting away with a woman who isn’t your wife?

Let us know with a vote and a comment…

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  • Si // June 6, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    And the transition from “The Spoiler” to “Heat” magazine is complete.

    Don’t forget to procure some exclusive shots of Lampard’s cellulite when you’ve finished painting your nails.

    Good grief.

  • Samuel // June 6, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    At least he’s not raping chambermaids…if it’s consensual, I say “meh.” DSK has lowered the bar for everyone.

  • sdasda // June 6, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    I can’t believe people come here and complain. This site is pure gossip. LEAVE if you dont like it

  • giggsrawbellend // June 6, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Everybody should be arsed. If he hadn’t been outed he would probably have got a knighthood.

    He deserves FA.

    I don’t like it… so I will leave.

  • maurizio // June 6, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Cmon… are you kidding me?
    I get that banging reality bimbos isnt big news but your BROTHERS WIFE?
    Cmon….thats better even than Arnuld S. having a second family.

    Rooney and Crouch and the whole gang is not a surprise and ‘athlete cheats on wife’ is really not news.
    But Giggs is different. He has marketed his whole career and after career as an upstanding man, a person with strong morals, a person you can trust.
    He was going to ride this BS image into millions in marketing and eventually one of those idiotic titles from some old sow in a funny hat.
    He is EXACTLY like those preachers that end up being involved in some sex scandals. No one expects anything from Rooney or Gazza or John Daly, they are who they are.
    I know that athletes are often dropped by sponsors when they embarass themselves with their actions but Im wondering if there ever was sponsor that has sued because they were sold false goods.
    Giggs image is a fraud and THAT image alone is the reason he won Player of Year when he hadnt even started half his games and was nowhere close to a top level player.
    People voted for him for sentimental reasons but also who he CLAIMS he was.
    That trophy was given based on his false image.

    Of course, banging your brothers wife puts him in an exceptional bracket where few in the public image have gone through this.
    He’s not at Roman Polanski level but on the ick scale he is right up with Woody Allen fucking his stepdaughther because its ok since he didnt officially adopt her (adoptive parents are all thrilled that its not incest and they can have a go, i presume).
    It helps Allen’s career than he works among the biggest perverts and degenerates on the planet and this barely caused a bleep. Im not sure how much of degenerates footballers are but I think fucking your brothers wife is a few notches worse than JT fucking a teammates.

    Your fucking brother.
    Special kind of scumbag.

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