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Maradona goes and speaks some sense about FIFA and stuff

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So, England’s game against Switzerland was full of dull uninspiring football and was about as exciting as watching a tin of beige paint evaporate – whoever saw that one coming? Oh…

Anyways, more exciting stuff happened in the brain and, subsequently, mouth of Diego Maradona who proved that a stopped lunatic is right at least twice a lifetime by having a bloody good rant about the nonsense going on at FIFA…

Diego had this to say about the shambles going on at Zurich:

“Everything will be the same. FIFA is a big museum and they are dinosaurs who do not want to give up power.

“I’m not surprised Blatter was re-elected because they look after themselves. They will stay until they are 105 years-old. I hope they will resign but don’t be under any illusions that they will.

“I have been asked to be part of the FIFA family but I said it is not a family if no-one plays football.

“Many people agree with me that many things are not clear in football these days and it is not something people who watch football deserve. The situation will be the same while football is run by people who do not understand football.”

Unfortunately, despite making a load of truth noise, people long ago stopped listening to Mr Maradona because he seems a bit mental.

The parallels between this and 12 Monkeys – when nobody would listen to Bruce Willis ranting about the upcoming epidemic – are too hard to ignore…

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  • frankie // June 7, 2011 at 1:33 am

    topman diego.. a lej right up there..

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