Skinny love?

Peter Crouch confirms he’s going to keep playing for England. Has it come to this?

Sit back on your throne, turn off your phone…


Just quickly, The Spoiler would like to repeat these quotes from Peter Crouch. Speaking to the BBC he said:

“I feel that whenever I’ve played for England, I’ve done well, so I felt maybe I’ve been slightly unfairly treated.

“Playing for England is the pinnacle of any player’s career and I absolutely love doing it. If I get a minute on the pitch, that’s great, if I get 90 that’s a lot better.

“I was disappointed, but I’ve got a long summer now to think about things and hopefully come back with a new attitude.

“Do I want to carry on playing for England? Yeah, of course. I would never give up playing for my country at any stage. It’s an honour.”

Have things really reached a point with England where their fourth(?) choice striker has a strop because he’s not selected after a sh*t season and needs to say that he’s willing to keep playing?

Bloody hell. Fabio, just call it a day – it’s really not worth all this dicking about with all these dicks.

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