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Sepp Blatter goes properly mental and appoints three random wise men

Not one of them…


When it was all kicking off in the world of cartoons, Superman, Batman, Wonder Women and some others got together to form the Justice League.

It was a good idea and probably resulted in a lot of sh*t getting sorted.

Now it’s all kicking off in the world of FIFA, Sepp Blatter has got together with opera singer Placido Domingo, 87-year-old former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissenger and – more understandably – Johan Cruyff.

They’ve formed a ‘solutions committee’. It’s Blatter’s latest attempt to clean-up FIFA and perhaps do something crazy like modernize a tiny, little bit.

To be honest though, it’s hard to see how this will result in any sh*t getting sorted – especially when the combined age of your three new recruits is 221…

Speaking to CNN, Blatter had this to say about the thing:

“Placido Domingo will be part of this. He is happy and proud he is part of it.

“These gentlemen are more or less advisers, they are not the experts.”

NOT EXPERTS! FFSS! (the extra ‘s’ is for ‘Sepp’ and will be used liberally from now on). Really, ya don’t sa?

Getting good people in to advise you is the mark of someone who knows what they’re doing and – while we are loathe to judge before the three wise men have actually done anything – it’s hard to imagine these three will get FIFA into anything like decent shape.

It takes a lot to get The Spoiler worked up, but our contempt for Blatter is starting to reach tumour-inducing levels. The absolute…

How can we get rid of Blatter? Maybe we’re wrong and it’s a good idea? Let us know what you think with a comment below…

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  • Tom // June 7, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Maybe the winners of the next major international tournament are being decided by the above judging panel. Teams get through on how well they perform on the day but it helps to have been on a “journey” or have a good sob story. Sepp could earn FIFA extra billions through phone voting. Isn’t there an ex wag looking for a similar type of role?

  • NH // June 7, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    North Korea could be the comedy vote. Like Wagner, or Stuart Arnold.

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