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Rio Ferdinand gets arsey with Mirror journalist over old stuff

Fair point… 

There’s nothing like watching two brilliant minds disagreeing on an important matter and debating the intricacies in an intelligent and lucid way – it makes you jealous and inspired at exactly the same time. It’s great.

Occasionally though, it’s just as good to watch two White Lightning- supping homeless guys fighting to see who’ll get to sleep under the lovely, warm heating vent for the local swimming pool.

For better or worse, Rio Ferdinand’s Twitter-based-bitch-fight with Daily Mirror journalist and John Terry super-fan, Oliver Holt, definitely has more in common with the latter of the two…

Quite frankly, The Spoiler can’t be bothered to go into the zzzzzzzz-inducing details too much but, basically, Holt said missing a drugs test (ala Ferdinand) is just as bad as failing one (ala Kolo Toure), to which – in a Twitter DM – Ferdinand responded:

“You fat prick. U got something to say about me missing a drugs test say it when u see me. You have had many opportunities but said nothing.”

What’s a DM you ask? Well, it’s a direct message on Twitter which only the person it’s been sent to can see. While The Spoiler was trying to catch some sleepies last night, the debate was raging on Twitter about whether Holt should have made the DM public knowledge.

Some said:

“No! It’s private, like.”

Some said:

“Yes! The whole point of Twitter is that it’s a public forum. A plague on the house of Ferdinand!”

While most said:

“Unless it’s medical records or bank details then what’s the problem?”

Anyway, here’s the Holt article that he spent hours bigging-up and building everyone into a frenzy of excitement for.

We’ll leave you decide if you think it was worth the wait and all the fuss.

If you can’t be bothered to read it though, here’s a clip that represents the whole saga in visual form. It’s startlingly similar to a review Pitchfork did about a Jet album a few years ago…

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