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Alex McLeish is in a whole world of trouble with Birmingham

The Villa lot don’t seem too happy either…


Workers rights is something The Spoiler feels passionately about so we’re a bit conflicted with the whole Alex McLeish quitting thing – if he wants to resign and go for another job then surely he should be able to?

HOWEVER! He still has two years left on the contract he signed last season in which there was a clause about compensation if he left. It started at £5.4million but would have come down to £3million had Villa and McLeish waited until July 1st.

If McLeish had been sacked he’d have been in for some compensation so is it only right someone gives Birmingham compensation for McLeish quitting? After the jump is the opinion of the Blues’ acting chairman Peter Pannu…

The following rambling logic seems pretty hard to argue with from The Spoiler’s point of view. But we’re still upset to be siding with The Man…
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Pannu said:

“I just got an email from Aston Villa. As expected their legal department said, “Now that Alex McLeish is a free agent, having resigned, we are free to speak to him”.

“This confirms all suspicions. The second-year compensation starts on July 1 and the urgency of this email coming from Aston Villa shows they can’t even wait 15 days.

“So this is the urgency of the matter. I think it shows the whole world what this is all about. They can’t wait, wouldn’t wait.

“But I can put one and one together now. He thinks he can walk away because the £5.4m compensation is too much for Villa and he cannot let this opportunity pass.

“He is not willing to fork out £5.4m himself, even though if he goes to Villa he is likely to be on £2m a year.

“I will be getting an injunction preventing Villa from hiring him. Either Villa pick up his tab or I will be reporting it now to the Premier League.

“Alex McLeish goes on a trip to Corsica and Randy Lerner has got a jet, how do I – unless I’ve got a satellite device – know that they have not met?

“If he came to me and said, “Pete, we had a great relationship but Villa want me” I would say I would grant you permission if you give me £5.4m by the end of this month, or Villa do. I don’t care who pays me.

“If he says, “Peter, I want to go for free”, of course I wouldn’t grant it. I’d say, “You have taken me down with the relegation, now take me back up”. He knew that permission through the proper channels would not be forthcoming.

“So his salary has gone down, he realises that among all this financial burden he probably wouldn’t have much money to spend to come back. He feels that his ambition is restricted and therefore this is an opportunity to depart.”


So, whaddya make of it all? Is it fair enough? Do you want McLeish at Villa? Should he be allowed to go for free?

Let us know with a comment below…

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  • blah // June 14, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    villa will go down if he is in charge

  • Nate // June 15, 2011 at 12:21 am

    I guess any time you can get a manager that helped engineer relegation for your hated rival you have to at least think about it. Maybe?

    I hope it is just a thought, though, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we do not see Alex McLeish at Aston Villa.

  • Bennett // June 15, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    Let’s be honest here. Villa are a small club in the Midlands. They’re never going to attract a top manager, they’re just not big enough. Their support is fickle and lacks the knowledge and understanding of the beautiful game. This has produced for me some pure summer comedy gold. Only a club like villa could deflect the attention away from bitter rivals, and better supported team, BIRMINGHAM CITY FC’s relegation season.
    Fancy threatening to give up your season ticket due to a manager, surely you support the club as a whole – clearly not. Aston Vanilla have become the laughing stock of football. I hear Joe Kinnear is available on a Bosman – enjoy – I know I will :-)

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