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Wilkins back to Chelsea, Adam to Liverpool and more…

Irina Shayk- not coming to Manchester


The Sun revealed today that Cristiano Ronaldo will NOT be joining Manchester City.

Bloody hell – who would’ve thought?

Anyway, here’s some transfer ‘news’ that people think might actually happen which makes it roughly a million times better than transfer ‘news’ about something that is never ever going to happen…

That said, here’s another thing that probably won’t happen. The Daily Mirror are reporting Guus Hiddink wants Ray Wilkings back at Chelsea. The Dutchman looks certain to be the new Blues boss and apparently wants the uncle Fester-alike alongside him in the dugout.

It seems highly unlikely though as Roman Abramovich doesn’t seem like a man who goes back on his decisions. Also, Butch had this to say a few weeks ago:

“My time is done with Chelsea. When you put in as much money as Mr Abramovich, you are entitled to choose what you want to do.

“He didn’t want me so I am no longer there. Back then I was cheesed off but I am not one of those guys who would keep saying I should be still there.

“It’s part of my life which is done and dusted.”

The Daily Mail reckons Liverpool have a fight on their hands as they try to snap up Blackpool skipper Charlie Adam.

Apparently, the Seasiders are after around £10million for the player who’s had one good season in the Premier League and is too slow to catch a flipping cold. £10million! And he’s only got a year left on his contract. The Spoiler reckons that price will have to come down a bit if he’s going to Liverpool.

They’ve already got about 15 central midfielders as it is…

Meanwhile, Manchester City have opened talks with Udinese winger Alexis Sanchez. City want to pay £21million, Udinese want £30million, The Daily Mail reckons a deal will be reached at £27million.

Udinese president, Giampaolo Pozzo, had this to say:

“If Sanchez were to leave I would give City the highest percentage to sign him because English football is rich and it knows how to value young talent.

“Inter, Juventus, Barca and City are all after Sanchez but no concrete offers reflecting the value of the player have arrived.”

So, that’s going to happen then.

Another transfer The Spoiler has a sneaky feeling will go through is Luka Modric to Chelsea. There’s plenty of talk in the red tops about the deal and The Daily Mirror fancy some kind of Didier Drogba plus cash shenanigans.

We like the sound of that one. Spurs fans might not…

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  • Chambers // June 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Don’t worry. Liverpool will finally capitulate and cave in to the demands from B’pool. Anfield may try to encourage the team to fight for the right result on the field but they can’t do it in the boardroom.
    I think rather that most outfits dealing with LFC understand this and simply stick to THEIR guns as they know what the final result will be.
    Rather pathetic in negotiating is the Anfield board.

  • John // June 14, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    I do enjoy these posts from the Spoiler. I would like to point out that Guss seems to have this ‘Dog Whisperer’ effect on Roman…not sure why or how, but he can make things happen under the iron curtain. I would not be surprised if he gets Ray back on staff

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